Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get started using REV?
Follow the REV Getting Started Checklist. This includes taking the online course “Agent Quick Start”, followed by several other tips on the checklist to get you going quickly.

How do I get help with REV?

Our Digital Services and Marketing teams are here to assist with your REV, just as we do with ProKIT.  You will also find online chat support available within REV that reaches out directly to the kvCORE support team.  The kvCORE support team can often help with general questions, but won’t be familiar with the specifics of how Long Realty uses it, like integration with ProKIT, etc.  The Agent Quick Start online course is invaluable in showing the basics of how the REV system works.  We ask that you complete that course before reaching out to our team for assistance.


How do I Log in to REV?
The REV system uses your email address credentials to log  in.  If you don’t use a email address, you will be provided a username/password for accessing REV. 

Note: If more than one person needs to log into an account, you will have to setup the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone to handle the Multi-Factor Authentication.  Follow up with our Long Realty Support team at [email protected] if you need assistance. 

Why can’t I edit some of my REV Profile Information?

Many of the Profile fields are automatically brought over from ProKIT.  If a field is grayed out in REV, you won’t be able to make changes directly in REV.  Depending on the changes, you may need to update them in ProKIT or the LongNet support tab, under My Personal Info.  The info will update on REV within about an hour.

Is ProKIT going away?
No.  REV will be offered alongside ProKIT and provide an unparalleled suite of tools with REV to help you in excel in your business.


Will I have both a ProKIT and REV Website?
Yes.  Your ProKIT website excels in marketing your personal brand, property search for consumers, and maximizing your online exposure.  Think of it as your “marketing website”.  The REV Lead Generation website will be an additional website used to help nurture and respond to your leads.  It excels in using business intelligence by automatically following up with leads, keeping you top of mind, tracking consumer behaviors, and proactively prompting you to follow up with your clients based on their recent activity.


What is my REV Lead Generation Website Address?
Your REV Lead Generation Website will be at the domain (i.e.  In most cases, it will be your marketing name followed by “”. You can find out your REV Lead Generation Website address by logging into REV and going to My Profile, under your name in the top right corner.  The address will show under your Contact Info.  The REV system does allow you the option to use a custom domain for your website at an additional monthly fee paid to kvCORE.


Will my contacts from ProKIT be available in REV?
Yes.  About three weeks before you get access to REV, we will export your contacts from ProKIT and import them into REV for you.  From that point on, you will need to manually update, add, or delete contacts from ProKIT and REV independently.  They will not automatically update in both systems. Adding or updating any contacts you’ve added/changed in ProKIT during that three-week timeframe is a great way to get comfortable with the system.


What are Hashtags in REV?
Hashtags  are the equivalent of Groups in ProKIT.  They are ways to group contacts together.  Hashtags are covered in the Agent Quick Start Video.


Will the Marketing Emails from ProKIT be available in REV?
The majority of the Marketing emails will remain in ProKIT.  There will be unique marketing email content added over time to the REV system.  The first will be a REV monthly e-newsletter, called the Homes & Trends Newsletter, that will differ from what is offered in ProKIT.


How do I add Contacts to receive the REV Homes and Trends Newsletter?
Add the hashtag of #LongNewsletter to any contacts before the 1st of the month.


Will the second contact from my Contact record in ProKIT get emails sent from REV?
No.  You would need to enter the second contact as a new separate contact in order for them to receive emails.


What is the phone number that shows in the menu under my name in the top right corner of REV?
This number is your office Smart Number, unless you have subscribed to having your own personal Smart Number.   See more info on Smart Numbers below.

What is a Smart Number?
Smart Numbers are phone numbers used by the REV system as a way to handle text messages and phone calls to clients.  If you really want to take advantage of the Smart Number system, we recommend subscribing to your own Smart Number in order to make sure all of your leads connect with you.
Learn more at:


Can I get leads from other systems automatically added into REV?
REV has some integrations with 3rd party lead system, such as Zillow, and many more.   More details are available here: You can also reach out to Long Realty support.


Will my Prosperity Home Mortgage Consultant transfer over automatically from ProKIT?
No.  If you would like to select a Prosperity Home Mortgage Consultant, you will need to go to My Profile, on the menu under your name in the top right corner.  Choose to Edit your profile and scroll down to where you will find the option to choose a Lender.


What is Core-Present?
Core Present is a tool for creating custom digital and printable listing and buyer presentations.  It includes a dynamic CMA integration with MLS data.  You can find out more information by watching the training offered in the Learning Portal linked from the REV Dashboard.


Are there special features for Teams in REV?
Yes.  There is specific team functionality included with REV.  The benefits will depend on how many people are in your team and how leads are managed.  Contact Long Realty support for more information.


What email addresses will my REV notifications come from?
There are a variety of emails that will come from the REV platform.  You may see emails arrive from,, and


What is the difference between REV, kvCORE and Inside Real Estate?
REV is what we call our version of the kvCORE system.   Essentially, REV is powered by the kvCORE platform, and Inside Real Estate is the company that offers the kvCORE system.


Check out this Glossary of Terms used in REV: