Like a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT that never rests

REV Training

1. Agent Quick Start Online Session within REV

We recommend your first step is taking this online course in REV. It takes about an hour and a half. You can start, stop & restart at any time.

2. Online learning portal within REV

The learning portal within REV contains online sessions about a variety of topics, including Smart Campaigns, Websites, Core Presen, Team functionality & more.

3. Weekly Tips and Q&A Webinars Every Tuesday at 2pm on zoom

To join any Tuesday session, use this link.

4. Online Webinars held by KvCORE

KvCORE holds regular live webinars to learn more about a variety of topics. 

See the Schedule. All Times Listed are in EST Time Zone

5. In Person Classes at Home Office

Go to LongNet and then Our Calendar to check the schedule.

6. Digital Doctors Appointments for REV Consultation

REV Video Tips

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REV Tip - Email Signature Set Up

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REV Tip - Texting a Contact

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REV Tip - Contact Statuses and Types

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REV Tip - Homes and Trends Newsletter Signup

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REV Tip - Website Settings